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ST Laserstrike Eyewear

Protect your pilots and flight crew

ST Laserstrike advanced Eyewear Solutions

Green & Blue LASER lights, which can blind pilots, have been fired at planes & are regularly used against Police/emergency service helicopters. ST Laserstrike offers a high level of protection for pilots against the effects of general laser flash, blue light and high-powered laser attacks:

Glare – Visual blocking of an object in a person’s field of vision (due to a bright light source located near the same line of sight.)

Flash blindness – Temporary loss of vision after the source of illumination has been removed. (Several seconds up to several minutes)

After image – A transient image left in the visual field after an exposure to a bright light.

For more information on the effects of laser attacks, visit our Dangers and Hazards section. To see for yourself how ST Laserstrike offers the highest level of attenuation whilst allowing clear visibility for your pilot, take a look at our ST Laserstrike products  and  video – defending pilots against laser pen dangers.

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