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NVIS & Display Optics

Brinell Vision designs and supplies high durability AR coated cover glass, transparent conductive heater glass plates, EMI shielding & Precision NVIS filter solutions to work within customised and advanced cockpit display systems. We are able to work with your designers & users to provide optimised display solutions, enhancing the capability & performance of your product. Brinell World class NVIS optical filters provide outstanding transmission along with precision high level NIR blocking & are used throughout the World within the most demanding environments.

Brinell HDAR process has been developed to provide a high quality, durable broadband ultra low reflection (AR) filter coating onto glass and plastic substrate for use in harsh environments. The process utilises advanced plasma thin film deposition to allow all types of substrates and levels of surface finish to be coated to an outstanding quality. Brinell HDAR is resistant to: Impact, abrasion, salt-fog environment and can be laminated to LCD panels.

Brinell heater glass panels and EMI shielding plates are designed optically to provide outstanding transmission and low spectral reflection for challenging applications. High Clarity EMI Shielding is an efficient alternative to mesh filters with improved optical transmission. Optically matched for low loss lamination or air interface and compliant to DEF STAN 559-411 and MIL-C-48497.

NVIS filters with Heater & EMI shielding

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