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Transparent ITO conductive coating

Heating and EMI control applications

Brinell e-K windows are designed for EMI & Heating application in Harsh environments.  Our advanced optical design provides outstanding spectral transmission and clarity while providing conductive properties for either control of EMI or temperature control.

Our window are also available with Brinell NVIS-A1000 Night Vision compatibility & Advanced Laser protection capability for both visible and Infra-Red Wavelengths.


  • Armoured Vehicle blast-proof windows with Heater function
  • Aircraft display glass/daylight readable with EMI protection
  • Conductive ITO glass with NVIS function
  • Laser protection glass for periscopes

Features and Options Brinell e-K

Protection from Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Interference (EMI/ RFI) Shielding

High spectral Transmission Heated Display Windows and display glass

Brinell NVIS:A1000 Night Vision compatibility (CFC and LED options).

High Optical Density (OD) coatings for Laser attenuation available

Sheet resistance values from 2.0 – 500  (Ω/□)  and Photopic Transmission (IVPT) over 96%.  

Thermal Cycling, Salt Spray and Humidity Cycling (To MIL STD 48497).

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