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Multispectral – Multiband (Visible – IR) Ultra Durable AR Coating

Brinell MS-DLC9 

Multispectral – Multiband Ultra Durable AR Windows

Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) thin films are used throughout the Optical and Sensor industry where an external window is used to protect a system from harsh environments. The substrate materials used for transmitting both Infrared (IR) or both Visible and IR tend to be high index and will produce unwanted multiple reflections within the system. Standard DLC coatings however can introduce problems with surface stress on the substrate and lead to adhesion issues  due to the deposition methods  and can often limit the substrate materials used. 

Brinell Vision has developed an alternative multi-band AR protection coating technology which provides low reflection and higher transmission along with ultra-high hardness and durability. The advanced high-energy plasma deposition process can be applied to the outside surface of Silicon, Germanium or even more sensitive substrates like Zinc sulphide (ZNS) in conjunction with our standard Near or mid infrared BBAR optical coatings. The combination gives high spectral transmission and low reflection through a range of angles and across Visible, Mid and Far Infrared bands.
Brinell MS-DLC9 Mohs hardness 9*

Withstands Environmental testing 

  • Salt Fog – >200 hours in Salt fog
  • Salt immersion – >24 hours immersed in salt water
  • Abrasion – 10,000 wipes with Sand Slurry

(* Note depending on substrate)
(*depending on substrate)

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