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Mid IR optical filters for imaging and sensors
Brinell Advanced InfraRed (IR) filters

Infrared optical filters are used in various applications and can be found in many devices which are used in everyday life. However for more demanding applications in IR imaging and sensors where specific signal isolation is required Brinell Vision is able to provide optical design engineering and production of advanced near Infrared (NIR) to Mid Infrared (Mid-IR) optical filters. Brinell Vision uses film materials and deposition processes which have been qualified for space flight and for cryogenic instrumentation on terrestrial astronomy instrumentation. Terrestrial installations include the Gemini-8m telescopes, instruments at Institute of Astronomy Hawaii, and at Mount Palomar.

The technology for creating these new thin film infrared filters has been developed over the last nine years. We have moved away from distinctive alternating layers of different materials and moved into blended structures of environmentally clean and inert dielectric materials. These are deposited using a high energy Pulse Plasma Beam Sputtering process (PPBS). The method also allows us to produce optimised optical characteristics using advanced optical design software.
The filters exhibit fully dense and amorphous compositions and can maintain optical stability in extreme environmental conditions. The picture below shows a fully dense bragg mirror with Durability and hardness comparable with Sapphire.

High durability advanced thin film interference filters with low absorbing design to work with high powered laser sources. Customer specified optical characteristics for blocking and transmission bands. -optically stable/low thermal shift in CWL-low absorption-no ‘Burn out’-Ultra Low temp & high operation (low shift designs)

For certain applications Brinell Vision filters use sputtered thin film technology to block unwanted radiation rather than layers of cemented absorption glass (as used in traditional filters). This allows the filter to operate at high temperatures without optical drift or complete breakdown.

Brinell IR filters are utilised in demanding optical applications and are qualified to operate in harsh environments on the ground, Aerospace and Space.
Applications:·       Sensor systems·    Aerospace applications·       Astronomy·       Climate monitoring for space and terrestrial·       On-line quality control·       Medical and environmental monitoring

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