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IR-Cut Imaging Filters

Brinell Vision Precision Optical Filters

Brinell SWP-IF Advanced IR-Cut Imaging Filters

Infrared Cut Filters are used in various imaging applications and can be found in consumer and specialist devices. Brinell IR-Cut IF range of filters enables precise colour replication, effective IR blocking along with outstanding visible light transmission for enhanced image contrast. The filters have been produced to meet the latest low defect specs demanded by the optoelectronic industry and exhibit ultra-low reflection characteristics. 


·       Optically stable over larger temperature range

·       Crystal-clear visible transmission

·       Ultra-low reflection

·       Low-defect substrate & coating

·       High durability plasma deposited thin films

·       Environmentally sustainable production

Filters Specifications (typical)

  • Specified Cut-off wavelength within +/-10nm
  • Tvis >95%
  • Blocking bands OD3+ (<0.1%)
  • Rav<0.3
  • Substrate defects/inspection quality 20-10

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